Watch the best film festival short films online

The world of movies is indeed a special place. We are not talking about the Hollywood blockbusters here. How many Hollywood movies are shown in the most famous film festivals across the world? Very few, to be honest. Those that dabble in movies have a different thought process when it comes to moviemaking and Hollywood blockbusters don’t have a place in that thought process. The best film festival short films are, more often than not, multicultural short films that show the world through camera lenses.

The Sundance Film Festival is the largest film fest for independent films. It showcases the most number of up and coming movie directors. The Cannes Film Festival is an occasion for the movie celebrities of the world to get together. While this festival shows many mainstream movies, it has a lot of focus on multicultural short films. The largest film festival in the world, the Berlin Film Festival, draws more than half a million movie buffs every year. The film festival short films that are showcased during these events are truly special and many of them go on to attain critical and commercial acclaim. And of course, there are lesser known film festivals that are celebrated across the world.


Those movie lovers that love movies not for glamour but for storytelling are the ones that can be seen in the various film festivals around the world. These people are typical in their appearance and the way they speak. They cannot think beyond movies and they can be often seen arguing about movie stories, parts of a film and even the camera angles. For people that love movies because they are entertaining, the discussions that these people engage in are often garbles. But this is what movies can do to people – they can evoke passions.


The film festival short films show the life of people in countries around the world. We are often blind to the cultures and people outside our own countries. The multicultural short films show us what the world is like outside the developed nations. There are movies from Scandinavia, India, Japan and the Middle-East that go beyond just stories. They tell us about people and what they do and believe in. The kind of magic that such films can produce is truly awesome.


There are websites where the best film festival short films can be watched. Since these movies are often not released in theaters, their visibility is limited. It is these websites that showcase these movies and help them get the acclaims that they deserve. Some of these multicultural short films are so well made that they bring tears to eyes and smile to lips.


What is special about these film festival short films or multicultural short films is that they are able to tell stories within minutes. An entire movie may just last five minutes, but it can make you sit back and think. Such is the power of these films and their makers. And this is why it is worthwhile watching these movies.


Some of the   multicultural short films      that are showcased as   film festival short films     are indeed among the best ever.