NEURS Gets Ready for the Big Launch

Entrepreneurial community receives a big bonus

Ottawa, CA -- 03/18/2014 -- When it comes to setting up a business,entrepreneurs often take a back step because the fear of rejection looms big on their minds which not only wrecks their confidence but, also makes them question their strengths. A huge part of this fear can be owed to the lack of knowledge, experience and guidance in understanding what it takes to get out there and face the big bad and ugly. Fortunately, there is someone who is willing to extend help and that is New Entrepreneur Platform popularly termed as NEURS. 

What is unique about this service more so about the training platform is that it helps the entrepreneurs in general and business community at large attract capital which would otherwise be impossible. Most entrepreneurs don’t even get to stage 2 as their dreams are buried either under financial obligations or are simply torn apart by other businesses which have a better access to capital in the market. NEURS is here to give such entrepreneurs hope and a promise that will help them stand tall against adversity and use the time they get to build their base. 

According to Fortune, 66% of people would like to own a business, but fear they lack the funds, opportunity, idea or knowledge required. NEURS will provide all these in an integrated, customized personal experience. Combining lessons learned from existing social media ventures and taking advantage of recent technological advancements, NEURS will leapfrog entrepreneurship into the 21st century by giving businesses access to tools needed to ensure efficient global operations, connections and capital access. 

NEURS is getting ready for the big launch on March 15th. From April 15th onwards users will be able to access full content from the website. The idea though new is already a part of the community of entrepreneurs early January onwards. What is interesting is that in this short period of time, the website has started catering to 150,000 users in 191 countries. And, the fact that the program enjoys connections through Facebook, LinkedIn is a major bonus. 


NEURS caters to every aspect of the business process and will meet everyone’s needs by offering many different account types: Entrepreneur, Provider, Full Access and Founding Member (limited) etc. NEURS also provides various tools and analytics to facilitate success through its simple and lucrative affiliate marketing program. To know more about the program and its big launch, log onto

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