Jim McCarthy is back after a long hiatus with a new blog post

For Immediate Release

Missouri – Jim McCarthy is a blogger helping startup online business turn profits sooner rather than later. He is back, and his newest blog is one of the most important yet.
This blog comes with a sharp lesson in money. McCarthy has lost more than his fair share because of poor business decisions.

“$2,000.00 is enough to make anyone cry,” said McCarthy.
His newest post is designed to help startups avoid the same mistake.
“My mistake was bad enough, but for a small business getting off the ground, that is enough to destroy it completely,” said McCarthy.
McCarthy has a lesson learned and more importantly, to teach.

Regular readers can expect to get more information about his error in upcoming posts. For now, he hopes that the shock of the loss is enough to get new businesses to pay attention and be ready to act.
“I can't give names because of legal issues,” said McCarthy.
Meanwhile, McCarthy is about to dive into social media marketing, an area he admits to being unsure about. It is one he realizes he must learn more about, however.

“Expect more on social media and on my lesson learned. It is big,” said McCarthy.
Learn more at his newest blog. Visit


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