Twitter Verified – the ultimate stamp of approval to achieve instant online fame

NEW YORK, 13th JAN 14’: Twitter, one of the fastest growing social networking communities is also the most effective when it comes to promoting a brand or a personality. In fact, to get easy access to online fame, one can use his/her Twitter account to make the big launch. But, not everybody gets to enjoy this chance. Only accounts that are Twitter verified or, in other words, achieve verification on Twitter are granted with a blue badge stating that the account is authentic and credible which in turn, attracts followers.

Personalities from fields of acting, education, movies, music etc. can get this verification very easily, but, for those who want to promote their brand, cause or name otherwise have to look for other means to achieve the same. The good news is that, now they don’t have to look far! Getting verified on Twitter can begin with a humble investment of $5. This amount will help the account holder get a shoutout that can help create the necessary buzz to start the process. 

‘How to get verified on Twitter’ is not an impossible task, it is the opposite. It is the simplest thing one can expect to do and, in return get instantaneous results. The online community of promoters and marketers are excited about this brand new offer and suggest anyone who wants to achieve quick online fame and popularity try this amazingly effective and result oriented proposition. To know more, read raving testimonials and, in general, collect information on learning ‘getting verified on Twitter’, log onto

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