Local-Treasure Discovered

Stroke is the third cause in death United States and more than 140,000 people die each year from the disease. And in August 2014 Hotty Mcdougal LLC, will host a Soiree not only showcase her designs and raise awareness but to also raise funds for research on heart attack and stroke, as she’s lost a loved one to the illness.

Of the business's topical customer success, the CEO Joy Balogun stated, “ Even though my business is slowly but surely growing, today I realized that I have over 300 consistent clients, it may not be much compared to some but I’m greatful, they help me to keep dreaming and keep inspiring through fashion.”

With more than 2 million women in Metropolitan Washington, D.C., Hotty Mcdougal hopes to start the road to inspiration with those women first. She’s dedicated heart and soul to changing the lives of women and plans to achieve company goals by producing quality product, customer engagement, and having an open mind. 

About Hotty Mcdougal LLC:  Founded in 2008, Hotty Mcdougal LLC, is a custom order women’s wear company based out of Lanham, MD. The company is run by Founder and CEO, Joy Balogun, in which her Nigerian background has been the muse and inspiration if the company. The business uses imported-African fabric.