FRACTURED ANGEL – A Touching and Inspiring Story

Discover the Harsh and Deadly Realities of the Streets of Santa Barbara through a Helpless Mother Trying to Help her Daughter

16th JUNE 2014 – Ken Williams a famous author and poet is also known for his contributions to the homeless in Santa Barbara for over 30 years. He has worked with alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill, war veterans, the neglected and infirmed and survivors of sexual violence. Ken also served in The Walking Dead in Vietnam, a combat unit with the 9th marines. One of his most cherished projects was Casa Rosa, a recovery home and rescue for the pregnant homeless women who were fighting mental illness and addiction. The other project was Maritza’s Cocina, a children’s soup kitchen. Ken also a columnist uses his own experiences to write novels, columns for media outlets and screen plays. Shattered Dreams and China White are the two novels that were inspired by his own experiences.

FRACTURED ANGEL is yet another story of a woman who tries to help her daughter suffering from her first psychotic break at the age of fifteen and is chased by her wounded mind to the streets of Santa Barbara. Lynne Swanson, the mother is forced to seek the help of a social worker, Kerry Wilson. However, things are no better even after Lynne meets Kerry. Readers would find this book extremely interesting when they discover the harsh and deadly realties of the streets of Santa Barbara. The book published by Sakura Publishing is going to be released on July 7th and is available for pre-order at the below link. Readers may also buy this book on Amazon and other sites after the worldwide release on July 7th.

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About Ken Williams

Ken Williams is an author, poet and amongst various other things he is also a Vietnam Vet and homeless rights advocate. Ken has received many awards including the prestigious Civil Rights Hero Award and the A.C.L.U. Distinguished Service Award in California. Shattered Dreams, China White, There Must Be Honor and the latest Fractured Angel are some of the books written by Ken.

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