Dr. Joel Wallach Youngevity Website Unveils Health Products at Discounted Prices

Oakland, NE – April 24, 2014. Recently, announced that they are offering Dr. Joel Wallach Youngevity health products at discounted prices, providing health conscious individuals with a means to purchase these products at affordable rates.

Among the products available at the website are the Youngevity Healthy Start Pak 2, Tangy Tangerine, Classic 90, Beyond Tangy Tangerine and many more. Aside from the healthy Start Pak, the website of Dr. Wallach also offers CEO Paks, also at discounted rates. According to the website, each of the products will provide the individual with the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy living. While the website offers various health products, they all have the imprint of Wallach, who made waves and headlines with his Dead Doctors Don’t Lie video.

For those not familiar with Dr. Wallach, he was a biomedical researcher and later became a Naturapathic Physician, and he became well-known for his research about trace minerals and the benefits they can provide. Presently, the doctor is involved in lectures throughout the US, emphasizing the benefits of minerals and vitamins.           

After years of research he came out with the famous Dead Doctors Don’t Lie video where he demonstrated proof of his knowledge about longevity and health. At the same time, his video shows evidence that the lifespan of a doctor in the US is shorter compared to a couch potato, proving their lack of nutrition. And it was with this in mind that he began his research that led to the development of this website.                                               

About is the website of Doctor Wallach, who became known for his works on trace elements and for uncovering the benefits of selenium and other minerals for the human body. A recipient of the 2011 Klaus Schwarz Award, his website is now the leading provider of health supplements, vitamins and minerals. 

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