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One of the most common problems faced by online gamblers today is the speed at which their transactions are processed. While deposits at many online casinos can be done in just a few minutes when using credit cards, the speed of withdrawals often leaves a lot to be desired., and are here to revolutionize the industry. These websites truly bring gambling online into the future with completely instant deposits and withdrawals. “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies enable players to control their money at a level before never achievable and we want to deliver each player’s funds to them as fast as possible,” spoke Brian Thomas, COO of the Gaming network.

Players can deposit funds into their casino accounts by using both Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies and receive instant credit to their accounts with ZERO confirmations. Withdrawals are also done by cryptocurrency, thus eliminating many of the common withdrawal delays found at other online gambling sites. Previously at most competing casinos, it wasn’t uncommon for players to wait several days, weeks, even months before they could receive their winnings. At, and, players will have their winnings credited to their cryptocurrency wallet instantaneously after requesting a withdrawal. The system is fully automated, so there is no need to wait several weeks before a payment processor sends a check or bank transfer.

At, and, when a player makes a deposit, it will be credited to their account instaneously. Players won’t even need to wait until several confirmations appear on the cryptocurrency network before having access to their funds because their account will be credited with ZERO confirmations. They can make a deposit and start playing any of the available casino games, poker options or sports wagering options right away. “We are very excited to offer the future of online gaming with instant deposits and instant withdrawals to our customers now; soon all casinos will have to implement this to compete,” spoke Mr. Thomas.

The instant deposits and withdrawals don’t mean that player funds could be at risk. The company that runs the online gaming network has stated that they have put in place numerous security measures which will ensure that all transactions work properly and that player funds are kept secure at all times. As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin do not allow for a transaction to be reversed once funds are sent, this protects the casino from fraudulent chargebacks. This is also what allows them to process withdrawals instantly without taking any unnecessary risks.

In fact, several other online casinos frequently delay withdrawals under the guise of “security verifications,” where they ask players to send in document after document to prove that their deposits are legitimate. Often, this is little more than a stalling tactic that disreputable casinos use to delay payment, with the hope that the player will reverse the transaction, play again and lose, or simply get fed up of constantly being asked to prove they are legitimate and walk away without claiming their winnings. You will definitely not find such shady tactics used at, and

Numerous tests were made by the operators of, and and their payment processing system works absolutely perfect, so players are sure to be able to cash out their winnings as soon as they are done playing. Instant deposits and withdrawals are truly a rarity and the future of the online gambling industry, which is what sets apart, and from the rest. If you want more information on this gambling site with instant transactions, simply visit , and all within the gaming network.

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