Pet Lovers Call for Healthy Dog Treats: Barker & Barker

London – April 25, 2014. The search for the best dog treats continues as more pet owners support new manufacturers producing natural dog treats. Breaking away from traditional mainstream offerings from big corporations producing dog treats UK, Britons are clamouring for healthy dog treats which do not contain harmful elements that could harm their beloved pets. As such, more and more manufacturers of dog supplements and low fat dog treats are stepping up to fill the void.

Natural dog treats are not really the norm considering how pet owners often just opt for dog treats UK and supplements for dogs which could be easily found on supermarket shelves. Common treats for dogs include fish treats for dogs, liver treats for dogs as well as many puppy training treats. Some of these, however, have substances which could prove to be harmful to pets in the long run. This trend would soon change, though, as more dog treats especially formulated to boost pets’ health begin to emerge.

Dog training treats and puppy training treats are considered essential in the growth of a canine, and the best dog treats should contain nutritious elements, which are not really prioritised by most big corporations producing dog food due to various elements given more importance such as cheaper ingredients.

About Barker & Barker

Barker & Barker is a manufacturer of natural and low fat dog treats and has been providing supplements for dogs since 1976. Taking into consideration the need for dog treats with more nutritional value than their mainstream counterparts, the company continues to innovate and introduce dog training treats in the form of dog supplements, fish treats for dogs and liver treats for dogs, among others.

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