New book offers college students tips on getting that first job

The first book by Jonathan Blake Huer, director of emerging technology at Ball State University, Be Employed When You Graduate, is a refreshingly honest and practical guide to finding a job for college students. 

Based on five years of experience helping high achieving students at Ball State in the Digital Corps find meaningful employment in the current economy, Huer covers everything from picking a major to negotiating the job offer.

Be Employed When You Graduate provides a system that students can use each year of school first to find an opportunity, then an internship, and eventually a job. Filled with direct advice and exercises, readers are encouraged to practice and prepare for the many stages of getting a job. Even though it covers a broad range of skills, it is concise, direct, and to the point written in small digestible chunks.

“The most common question I get from my students is ‘what do I wear to an interview?’ These are smart and highly skilled students asking me this. But knowing what to wear and how to act in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive job market is a real challenge. Rather than telling the reader what to do, I outline the questions the reader must answer. I want students prepared for a variety of situations so they can evolve with the job market,” Huer says.

He also points out that the objective of college is to gain knowledge and earn a degree. Not to lead directly into employment. But, According to The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2012 ,87.9% of students selected “to be able to get a better job” as “very important” in deciding to go to college. Be Employed When You Graduate lets students take control over their future by providing the tangible real world skills needed to get a meaningful job that starts a rewarding career.

Huer is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Adobe Education Leader, and Campus Technology Innovator. He holds a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and earned his master’s degree from USC.

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