October 6, 2014, Dallas, Texas CClaim Consulting, LLC announced an agreement signed with one of the nation’s largest roofing companies, Aspen Contracting, Inc., to join CClaim’s preferred network and work together on offering CClaim Consulting services to Aspen Contracting commercial and residential customers.

CClaim will offer consulting expertise to Aspen's clients who need help with delayed, denied and underpaid insurance claims that can benefit from CClaim’s service.  Dean Poole, Managing Partner with CClaim Consulting, explains, “Our mission at CClaim Consulting is to help clients receive a fair settlement on commercial and residential insurance claims. We anticipate providing hands-on support to Aspen Contracting for tasks related to preparing claim documents and coordination of top experts in the disputed insurance claim arena. Our company’s missions are well matched since we both work extensively with hotels, multi-family housing and churches. We are excited to be working hand-in-hand with Aspen helping protect the rights and interests of their clients. ”

CClaim Consulting's team includes: Construction companies, public adjusters, engineers, meteorologists, and attorneys from around the country. Each member of the team performs a specific role in the claim research and filing process in order to support their client’s efforts in receiving a fair settlement. CClaim Consulting operates on a 100% contingency-based model and incurs all front-end expenses and costs.

“We are excited to add an additional layer of support for our employees across the country,” states Pat Nussbeck, CEO for Aspen Contracting. “Property owners can sometimes have tough times and need additional support to help them through their claims. Recently, many states have changed their laws and no longer allow a contractor to work directly with the insurance company on a property loss, so we still want to provide that service for our customers across the country. CClaim Consulting, with their knowledge and experience in commercial and residential claim support, will be able to assist our clients when they need help with their claims.”

Randy Castle, General Manager for Aspen said “We have been working with CClaim to pinpoint possible claims.  Doug Dennison, our Vice President of Business Development, will lead our firm in providing consumers with alternatives in areas where they might be needed.” Aspen Contracting Inc. is headquartered in Lee's Summit Missouri and operates in 48 states. They are one of the largest insurance restoration contractors and recipient of the prestigious Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor Award. For more information visit their website at or call 877-784-ROOF (877-784-7663).

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, CClaim Consulting specializes in Commercial/Residential bad faith claims when property owners have been denied, delayed and underpaid. CClaim handles all details of the claim-filing process and acts as an advocate and liaison for the contractor and property owner throughout the claims process all the way to settlement.  For more information visit their website at or contact a representative directly at 469-708-7350,