Are you looking to buy Cryogenic Equipment? What is a Cryo Gun? This article will help answer your questions

Entertainment venues understand the importance of creating a stimulating environment. The cocktails, disco lighting, beautiful go-go dancers and talented DJ’s serve to enhance the appeal of these businesses to its patrons. Yet, the most successful businesses distinguish themselves from the competition by innovating pleasure with new technologies. The cryo gun is an example tool that sets these venues apart from the rest.


The cryo gun is a device that emits liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), cooling the surrounding air in a dissipating white cloud. Traditional models of cryo guns dispense nitrogen, but more recent versions of the technology have progressed to using CO2. There are many reasons for this transition, two of which are CO2’s inexpensiveness and visual salience.


Cryo guns evolved from the Cryogenic sciences, branches of physics and engineering, which specialize in the study of low temperatures. These fields generate the data that are then adapted for practical usage. Cryo guns are in fact a small subset of cryogenic-derived objects. The latter include culinary tools, medical instruments, and electronic devices.


The liquid elements (i.e., CO2 or nitrogen) used to power cryo guns can be purchased around the world and are typically stored in Dewar flasks. These cylindrical flasks are built to preserve the physical and chemical properties of the elements with chambers that counteract heat. The containers are made of glass and enclosed in a protective metal layer.


Today, the guns are widely used for entertainment purposes. Their liquid gas emission and intriguing appearance seamlessly enhance the environment they are featured in. With their atmosphere cooling effects, their utility is both practical and aesthetic, making them ideal enhancers of festive events.


Kryogenifex is a company, which has greatly contributed to the evolution and dissemination of Cryo gun technology. They create various models of this tool tailored to the client’s needs. The products cover a wide range of prices, sophistication and designs to accommodate a diverse clientele. The models produced by Kryogenifex are lightweight and sleek, with a futuristic look inspired by everyday objects.


The “Kryo Pak,” for example, features a backpack, the “Kryo Back,” with two kryo hoses and two Kryo Guns. The kryohoses create a delicate and steady stream of CO2 while the Kryo Guns have a more impressive effect. In addition, the Kryo Pak is mobile as it can be carried on the users back and discharged at his or her convenience. The “Kryo Pak” is one of the more sophisticated versions of the kryo gun. Each of its components is built with high quality materials, ensuring its durability and efficacy.


The “Kryo Gun ALP” can be bought in a small 12 inch or larger 22 inch version. These are made of aluminum and mimic the appearance of traditional guns. The smaller version features a standard size nozzle and creates subtle effects, while the large model can be used for a bolder impact. Both guns have a modern aesthetically pleasing design, which makes them inherently striking and elegant.


Kryogenifex’s clientele includes prominent hospitality and entertainment companies. Its products are used across multiple sections of these businesses, fulfilling roles integral to their operations. Whether featured conspicuously at a party or used in the preparation of high-end cuisine, Kryogenifex ensures the realization of its clients’ visions.


In the entertainment industry, Kryo Guns are rented and bought by groups and individuals who wish to amplify patrons’ experience. DJ’s, club owners, bar owners, production managers and event promoters have all solicited Kryogenifex’s help to host events. In addition to bettering the party experience, Kryo guns can also bolster its user’s performance. These tools are easy ways to communicate an artistic message or a brand’s culture.


Kryo guns are in fact excellent artistic mediums. While traditional conceptions of art define it as an auditory or visual experience, the CO2 discharging guns broaden the scope of stimulation and elevate the audience’s experience. This technology creates a dynamic atmosphere of live art where all the senses converge.


Kryogenifex’s innovative products have also been featured in grassroots events showcasing entrepreneurial talent. Recently, they were featured at the Maker’s Faire event in Wynwood where they were able to engage visitors of different ages and interests. Kryogenifex’s presence was palpable, even though they were not at a party, further demonstrating the appeal of the product.


Kryo guns are therefore multidimensional, practical and artistic tools. Their users form an eclectic group related through their mutual desire to revolutionize entertainment and redefine art. Indeed, Kryogenifex services popular venues that use Kryo guns to complement their events, optimize their services and enhance patrons’ experiences.





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