Time to Get Smart with Your LinkedIn Account?

Do you feel, honestly, that you are getting real value from being on LinkedIn?

Is it helping your business in a way you can clearly identify? 

In short, would you like to be making better use of the network, but are not sure what the best way is to do that?

Then my online, Linking Edge Intensive could be just the thing to give you some answers and help you skill up to take full advantage of this powerful network.

Worth checking out?

Putting that another way, can your business afford for you to ignore (at least in practice) this network for another year?


  • 259 million+ members and growing, with 2 new members every second 
  • dominated by high-income earners ($75,000 annual salary) and college graduates
  • highest social networking platform usage among 50- to 64-year-olds (read "business executives and decision makers")

What is this program?

Linking Edge Intensive is a highly-focused program over a 14 day period, during which participants are guided and supported to turbo-charge their presence, reach, engagement and influence on LinkedIn.

  • Program led personally by LinkedIn specialist Des Walsh.
  • Small group means you don't get lost in the crowd: you get personal support to really move your LinkedIn activity along.
  • An ongoing private online group of past and current participants

And there's more

For more information, including the very special, seriously competitive price, plus online registration, click on this link.