Ever Heard Someone Get the Botox Sick? Well, Leslie Charleson Surely Did!

Leslie Charleson plastic surgery is one of the most shocking plastic surgeries of the time. If anybody has had ever made such a great impact on soap opera, then it must be the General Hospital star Leslie Charleson. She came into focus with a lesser known soap opera in 1964 and soon her beauty was the talk of the town she was casted in the mega classic General hospital in which she acts even now.

However, as of now she is 69 years of age and like any other woman you would expect her to embrace her aging process naturally. But, just like any other actress associated with the glamour world, she might have been too afraid to lose her beauty to aging and hence went for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery may either go two ways- good or bad; and as fate might have it went wrong for her. Another classic example of the worst effects of plastic surgery, Leslie Charleson’s face now looks plain weird. She seems to look unnatural which seems to have caused a drop in her career.

Let's have a look at the plastic surgeries she opted for:

Botox injection - Considered as the best way to get rid of wrinkles by many actresses, Leslie Charleson opted for one too. Botox injection ensues injecting the Botox solution into the face, which will tighten your skin irrespective of your age. Though Leslie Charleson never accepted that she opted for such a procedure, it is evident from her smooth skin.

If you check out her before photos then you will notice that there are some lines and wrinkles around her forehead, eyes and lips. But now, she has smooth skin which looks that she has not aged even a bit. At the age of 69 years, you might expect any woman to have a few signs of aging, but Leslie Charleson seems to have no signs of wrinkles at all. Her skin is smooth, too smooth in fact, and has successfully managed to irritate her fans with her unnatural appearance.

Facelift - Another one of the famous procedures taken up by any aging actress is the facelift. In a facelift, the skin of the actress is lifted up with the help of serums which helps the skin to look tight. Sagging skin problems can be easily helped out with the help of a facelift procedure. But what has gone wrong for Leslie Charleson in her list of Leslie Charleson Plastic Surgery is her facelift.

Nobody seemed to have warned her about the ill effects of taking Botox and facelift together. Her physician seems to have entirely neglected the fact that getting a facelift along with that of Botox will freeze her facial muscles. That is exactly what has happened with the seasoned actress. Her face seems to be frozen and she was having problems giving any kind of expressions due to the overall stiffness that was bothering her.

Not a positive point for any actress, is it? When she first made her appearance after the combined effect of both Botox and facelift, her face looked strange. It appeared that she was having troubles with her speech too. She was slurring while talking and it was due to her inability to move her facial muscles. Fans primarily thought that she might have suffered from some kind of illness, which caused her miserable state but later came to know that it was actually Botox sickness.

Leslie Charleson plastic surgery is really very sad as it has brought into limelight as to what can happen if plastic surgery goes wrong. Her fans who loved her for her natural beauty are extremely disappointed with her. She cannot act properly or even move her face much for talking or smiling as her face is stretched too much. The best option for her is to contact a good enough plastic surgeon and somehow alter the devastating effects she has brought upon herself.

Personal Information

Full name: Leslie Charleson
Net worth: $1.2 million (approximately)
Occupation: Actress
Nationality: American
Marital status: Divorced

Leslie Charleson Body Statistics

Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: not known
Measurements: not known
Bra size: not known
Dress Size: not known
Shoe Size: not known
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel