Relaxing Ganban-yoku Spa Therapy from Spa Pure

Spa Pure, a premier spa center in Hawaii, makes guest vacations and downtime more relaxing with an improved Ganban-yoku Japanese stone bath therapy.

[HONOLULU, 01/15/2014] – Spa Pure, a leading spa center in Hawaii, helps make vacations, downtime, or pamper time more relaxing with an improved Ganban-yoku Japanese stone bath therapy. Tourists, visitors, and locals alike can now enjoy the soothing effects of this Japanese sauna therapy in an elegant, intimate, and more relaxing day spa setting.

One of the Hottest Spa Treatments

Ganban-yoku is a popular spa treatment known for its use of hot stones and revitalizing effects on the whole body. The word means “stone bath” in Japanese and may take on different names such as granite sauna, hot stone spa, and rock bathing. An innovative therapy, Spa Pure’s Ganban-yoku relies on the natural deep-cleansing and skin-revitalizing properties of granite quarried from the eons-old rocks of India. The spa center offers one of the more innovative and relaxing treatments, considered to be literally and figuratively one of the hottest ways to relax in Hawaii.

Relaxing Treatment, Instant Results

The company’s Granite Sauna uses special granite slabs from India to heat the body from the inside out. Unlike other regular saunas, Spa Pure keeps their stone heated at around 103 degrees Fahrenheit, releasing natural far infrared rays and ions to help the body detoxify and sweat out toxins from the cells, and stimulates blood circulation without increasing the heart rate. Because of the maintained temperature, the spa treatment is safe and enjoyable for people of all ages.

Although spa goers will be sweating more than they do in a regular sauna or steam bath, there will be no odor, saltiness, or stickiness. The Ganban-yoku also helps improve metabolism and stimulates the skin’s production of collagen—the amino acid responsible for keeping the skin young and healthy.

The spa treatment lasts for 30 minutes and is offered for both individuals and couples, all at an affordable price and inside a private room. Results are immediate —a glorious softening of stiff muscles, a clean, non-sticky sweat that does not need to be showered off, and radiant, smooth, and glowing skin.

About Spa Pure

Spa Pure is one of the leading spa centers in Hawaii offering various spa treatments, massages, and health products and services for tourists and locals, all at affordable rates. The spa center offers a range of health treatments, spa packages, skin and facial care treatments, and different massages aimed at relaxing the client’s body, soothing muscles, and revitalizing the skin—all in an elegant, intimate day spa setting. Its team of licensed professionals combines traditional therapy methods from Hawaii and the Far East with state-of-the-art techniques from around the globe.

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