The Rebel Electrics Mashup Music Release with Tech Startup Launch

January 13, 2014 --- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LOS ANGELES, CA—The Rebel Electrics, fronted by songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Bryan Joseph, inventively blends punk, traditional rock, and acoustic elements to create an energetic, positive, and melodic soundscape. The project has Joseph once again teaming up with his long-time collaborator, bassist and co-producer Gregg Sartiano. Mike Land, formerly of Unwritten Law, rounds out the trio on drums.  

In keeping with Joseph’s DIY philosophy, recording sessions took place in Joseph’s home studio just off of Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Joseph and Sartiano recorded the tracks through direct input signal chains, then shipped them off to Land, who added the drum parts via midi. The impressive result is a testament to what can happen when talent and technology come together.

“Every few years I curate all the recent songs I’ve composed, and pick my favorites,” said Joseph.  The songs being released under The Rebel Electrics represent the best of his efforts over the last few years, and demonstrate Joseph’s talents as songwriter, vocalist, and musician.

The Rebel Electrics will be coordinating the release of their first track with the release of Joseph’s new tech startup, SongAmpr, a platform he created and developed, which is scheduled for release soon. In addition to his musical chops, Joseph has strong business credentials as the founder of Power Chord Academy, the first national rock and roll summer camp for teens. Joseph has already established himself as an innovator in the industry, and The Rebel Electrics and SongAmpr are exciting new extensions of his career.

For more information and to watch the video premier of The Rebel Electrics first song Wide Open, please visit