AIFF to Wav Converter to Convert Files into More Compatible Format

Converting AIFF files into WAV format which is usually compatible with PCs has become easy with the AIFF to WAV converter.

This converter comes with a simple to use interface that can be used and comprehended by anyone irrespective of their technological expertise. The uncomplicated features and options make it a perfect tool for everyone to use. Though both AIFF and Wav files are compressed audio formats with similar sound quality, the converter is useful in making files compatible with the pcs as wav files are better compatible.

The application is compatible with various versions of Windows such as NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server/2008/7/8. It can be easily installed and does not need any specific requirements thus making it convenient to use. By simply adding the files that need to be converted and choosing the convert option one can start the process. Multiple files can be selected for conversion in one single go if needed thus saving time for the users.

The conversion quality is really good and this converter proves to be an ideal application for the conversion process in easy and simple steps. The uncompromised features of the application with a simple interface make it a great tool.

About AIFF to WAV converter

AIFF to WAV converter is a simple to use and easy to comprehend application with uncomplicated features that make conversion from AIFF to WAV format quick and convenient. This is ideal software that is compatible with different operating systems and uses little disk space thus leaving the system performance unaffected. Multiple files can also be converted with the application thus making it a time saving tool. Though compressed and with similar sound quality, the converter helps in getting files converted to WAV format which is usually compatible with PCs.

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