"I came all the way from Baltimore and dreamed of this day." A Guy Called Larry

Larry Derr - Actor

I applied on three separate websites with no response, my agent told me I needed to start a social network Twitter and Instagram. I started with twitter. Within one week I was followed by five major producers, the most shocking one was Funny the movie because I applied 3 times on separate websites for Funny!! I became excited, very excited.

I was given information to audition. l made my way to New York for the audition and was turned away because all the audition slots were all filled, but I did not give up. I came all the way from Baltimore and dreamed of this day since I was 15; So as all the other auditionees made their way home I walked to the front of the line, got down on one knee and asked the lady at the computer for an opportunity to audition "because I have the sides to the script and believe that I am expected by one of the producers."

She opened up a computer, scrolled up a list of names little did I know, I was on that list! Before you know it, I walked into one of the most exciting auditions of my professional acting career and was cast :-) @larryderr31

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