New platform and speaking opportunities from the man who has put the "fun" back in business

Philip D. Bennett, a leader in the startup and business development space in Boise, ID, has launched a new website at Philip has launched several businesses over the past four years, including Prodromes Marketing, Rimbambo, LittleGuyLocal, EthicalPro, and most recently Collabortank and The Boise Hub. This level of experience in this space has elevated his expertise in the community, creating demand for shared knowledge and community growth.

With that demand has come a passion for educating and creating energy in entrepreneurs, students, business people, and makers everywhere to move toward their bigger future and understand the joys of leading a self-directed life free from the constraints of unwanted obligation. This recent endeavor and subsequent website platform is a means for people to engage with Philip and learn about or schedule speaking engagements to create discussion in the community about growth and solving the problems of our future. 

"I often talk about how my passion is people--more specifically being able to help people follow their dreams. My ambitions have taken me through a gamut of failures and successes, and those experiences have really placed me in a position where I can follow my own dreams and share my experiences with my community, " said Philip. "I am so pleased with the launch of this website and the opportunity for engagement this creates for me and for my network."

On the website, you can also find information on the various platforms and products that Philip D. Bennett has founded and is currently operating as well as a plethora of information about the man himself. Users have the opportunity to opt in to receive various seminars and educational materials to increase educational opportunities via the web. The website also features all of Philip D. Bennett's upcoming speaking engagements and information for engaging him in seminars, lectures, and interviews. 

About Philip D. Bennett

For over 25 years Philip has been dedicated in contributing to a better way of doing it, and his marketing expertise has been integral in building successful businesses and entrepreneurs. Philip has been able to use his diverse journey, both professionally and personally, to achieve mountainous goals and facilitate others to do the same. He is passionate about life and sharing his experience in human performance and behavior, and how each of these applies to your business—and more importantly, your life. His situational awareness, creative mind, and energy have made him the Game Changer that he is today.