Smart Tweezers Available in China and Surrounding Areas with New Agreement with Huizhou Kerui Trade Co. Ltd.

Smart Tweezers handheld LCR-meter is now more accessible to customers with a new deal between Siborg Systems Inc. and Huizhou Kerui Trade Co. Ltd. This new deal brings the handheld digital LCR-meter to a wider range of customers while also shortening wait times for shipping and customs.

With Surface Mount Technology becoming the manufacturing norm for electronics, Smart Tweezers provide the best solution to testing and troubleshooting the components. The unique design combines a powerful LCR-meter, a set of sharp stainless steel gold-plated tweezer tips, and a bright OLED display. When Smart Tweezers’ sharp tweezers grasp a component, mounted or loose, the device will automatically determine the type of component and measures for Inductance (I), Resistance (R), or Capacitance while also measuring for secondary values such as the Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR). All the measurement values are instantly displayed on the bright OLED display.

“We are very excited to have penned this deal.” Says Michael Obrecht, Director of Research and Development at Siborg, “This makes Smart Tweezers more available to customers in China. Customers can get their devices faster, and won’t have to send them back to North America, should they need repairs.”

The newest model in the Smart Tweezers line is the ST-5S; this device is offers the same accuracy and features as the previous ST-5 model, but in a new design. The ST-5S weighs only 1 oz., has a bright display, and new joystick navigation which allows users to switch modes and test signals, etc. without needing to access the menu. This model is the best for professionals, companies and production-lines, with features such as component sorting, a semi-automatic parasitic offset subtraction, continuity and diode testing, and the ability to change tolerances (5%, 10%, 20%) and test frequencies (0.5 Vrms and 1.0 Vrms).

The LCR-Reader is the budget model of the Smart Tweezers, designed specifically for non-professionals looking for an alternative device to conventional bench type testers. The LCR-Reader uses the same method of determining the type of component and measuring for L, C, or R, but uses a fixed 0.5 Vrms. Both devices run on Li-Ion battery and are rechargeable via micro-USB, and come in a hard-shelled carrying case. 

Smart Tweezers have grown to be a globally recognized device for testing and troubleshooting electronics and their components, and are currently being used by many major high-tech companies worldwide. Visit the Smart Tweezers’ Blog for all the latest news about the ST-5S and LCR-Reader.

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