California Hard Money Lenders

Source Capital is a direct hard money lender in California that provides quick loans for real estate business. The company started in 2006 with its first office in San Diego. Source Capital helps borrowers with its streamlined process of loan approval and ability to finance them within a week. The direct money lending services of Source Capital are faster than conventional loans provided by banks and other institutions.

Borrowers, investors and real estate professionals get all the help at one place. Source Capital’s experience in real estate all over California sprouts hard money lending solutions as it can even look past bad credit records and provide for faster loans. Source Capital has invested and funded private loans of more than $135M all across the golden state of California. The sandy beaches of San Diego make it extremely important for economic reasons. With a solid record of funding in real estate, Source Capital is growing fast.

Testimonials from the clients prove that Source Capital can be trusted with immediate financing needs. It has clients all over California as it funds loan in and around San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles, Oakland, Bakersfield, Long Beach, Riverside and San Francisco. Whenever real estate related funding and loans are required, professionals and even borrowers reach out to Source Capital for its less paperwork and more collateral oriented private loans.

California Hard money lenders are many but Source Capital believes time is money. Thus all loans get approved fast with simplicity and minimal time consumed. Unlike conventional institutions direct money loans do not look at borrowers current circumstances, job or credit reports. The equity in the real estate and rate of interest it charges is what makes it more sophisticated and fast as a lender.