Massage offers many health benefits

Massage is a great gift for you or your loved one.  It is not only for relaxation, but here is a list of just some of the benefits of massage: 

-Ease Pain

-Improve Sleep

-Boost Immunity

-Curb Headaches

-Improve Circulation

-Improve Flexibility of Joints.........The list continues with many more benefits.

A lot of us hold tension in our neck/shoulders and back.  Schedule an appointment today and allow me to help you and your body to get back to its natural state.  Massage is also great for those who experience severe headaches.  For a small extra fee you can add on aromatherapy which  helps relax your muscles, and have their very own benefits.  When combined together they work as a great team to enhance your overall experience.

***Massage Memberships are also available- Sign up for a year and pay only $50 for one massage a month (savings of $10) or $90 for two massages a month (savings of $30)

Lori Helgeland, CMT

High Mountain Fitness