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Medical treatment abroad, also called ‘medical tourism’, is a booming international industry where patients seek healthcare services from sources outside their country. Usually every type of medical treatment is available abroad with over 50 countries identifying as destinations in medical tourism. Medical tourism is a high-value sector that generates revenue for multiple industries. Given the lucrative potential fees, more governments are dedicating resources to boost the sector in their respective countries.

Medical tourists are presently traveling to faraway countries for cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, bariatric surgery, assisted reproductive technology, ophthalmologic care, orthopaedic surgery, cardiac surgery, organ and cellular transplantation, gender reassignment procedures, and even executive health evaluations.

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The report cites that rise in healthcare costs, long wait times, an ageing population, and increasing demand for cosmetic and dental surgery not covered by insurance in developed countries, coupled with the availability of high quality, low cost medical services in developing countries are the key drivers for the rise in medical tourism industry. Patients travelling abroad can save upto 85% of the cost of a procedure by travelling abroad. The world’s top four medical tourism destinations: Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia are seeing a steady increase in medical tourists every year. India is one of the lowest cost and highest quality medical tourism destination. It offers low-cost cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures, at about one-tenth the cost of similar surgeries in the US.

The report “Medical Tourism Market: 2014 Edition” analyzes the development of the medical tourism market globally. The global market as well as emerging markets including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Korea and Turkey are being discussed in the report. The major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the industry are being presented in this report. The five major players in the industry, Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited, IHH Healthcare Berhad, Raffles Medical Group, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services and KPJ Healthcare Berhad, are being profiled, along with their key financials and strategies for growth.

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Major points from Table of Contents ( are listed below:

Table of Contents

1. Market Overview

1.1 Medical Tourism Industry Structure

2. Medical Tourism Market Size

2.1 Global Medical Tourism Market

2.2 Asian Medical Tourism Market

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

2.2.1 Thailand

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

Breakdown by Procedures

2.2.2 Singapore

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

Foreign Patients by Nationality

2.2.3 Malaysia

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

Foreign Patients by Nationality

2.2.4 India

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

Foreign Patients by Nationality

Breakdown by Procedures

2.2.5 Korea

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

Foreign Patients by Nationality

Breakdown by Procedures

2.2.6 Turkey

Market Value

Foreign Patients Inflow

3. Market Dynamics

3.1 Key Trends

3.1.1 International Certification

3.1.2 Government Initiatives

3.1.3 Merger, Collaboration & Expansion

3.1.4 Patient Arrival Trend

3.1.5 Forecast for Leading Destinations

3.1.6 Services Offered by Providers

3.1.7 Sri Lanka: Emerging Market for Medical Tourism

3.2 Growth Drivers

3.2.1 Global Aging Population

3.2.2 Improving Global GDP

3.2.3 Lower Costs in Developing Countries

3.2.4 Long Waiting Periods in Home Country

3.2.5 Zealous International Tourism/Travel Industry

3.2.6 Better Technology and Wider Treatment Options

3.3 Challenges

3.3.1 Quality Issues

3.3.2 Communication Barriers

3.3.3 Safety and Health Risks

3.3.4 High Market Sensitivity to Economic and Other Market Factors

4. Competitive Landscape

Market Share of Private Healthcare

4.1 Singapore

4.2 Malaysia

4.3 Turkey

5. Company Profiles

5.1 Bumrungrad Hospital

5.1.1 Business Overview

5.1.2 Financial Overview

5.1.3 Business Strategies

Intelligent Expansion

Infrastructure Upgradation

5.2 Raffles Medical Group

5.2.1 Business Overview

5.2.2 Financial Overview

5.2.3 Business Strategies

Grow OneStop Centers

Regional Expansion

5.3 IHH Healthcare Berhad

5.3.1 Business Overview

5.3.2 Financial Overview

5.3.3 Business Strategies

Strategic Investments

Pursue Partnerships & Collaborations

5.4 Bangkok Dusit Medical Services

5.4.1 Business Overview

5.4.2 Financial Overview

5.4.3 Business Strategies

Marketing Strategy

Develop Service Excellence

5.5 KPJ Healthcare Berhad

5.5.1 Business Overview

5.5.2 Financial Overview

5.5.3 Business Strategies

Capitalize Growth in Medical Tourism

Expanding Network and Capacity

Also available with are following regional reports on medical tourism industry:

Singapore Medical Tourism Analysis and Forecast is a 74 pages market research report published in April 2014. 16 countries from where people visited Singapore for medical tourism include United States, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Africa and Others. Complete report is available at

Malaysia Medical Tourism Analysis & Forecast is a 91 page market research report published in May 2014. This research provides 80 Figures and a complete analysis of top 20 countries who visited Malaysia for medical treatment. All the 20 countries in the report have been studied from 2 viewpoints. I. Medical Tourists Arrivals in Malaysia from the year 2006 - 2018 and II. Medical Tourists Spending in Malaysia from the year 2006 - 2018. Complete report is available at

Thailand Medical Tourism Market (Spending) Analysis & Forecast research report is spread across 112 pages. This research says Thailand medical tourism market is expected to grow with single digit CAGR from 2012 to 2018. Japan accounts for the highest number of medical tourist visitors in Thailand; followed by Asian region in the second spot and Middle East in the third place respectively. Out of 15 countries studied in this report only 1 country spending will be more than US$ 1 Billion, 3 countries (segments) spending will be more than US$ 500 Million and 8 countries (segments) spending will be between 100 to 500 Million by 2018 (Exact Spending figures are available in the report.  Complete report is available at

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