Аrmada Fur Collection Now Produces Luxurious Fur Coats

Everyone likes to dress well, although, this mainly concerns women. Ladies wish to look great in any season and try their best effort to select clothes, which do not only look fancy and modern, but are also of high quality. When it comes to choosing winter attires, the prevailing amount of women start thinking about purchasing fur coats. This is exactly what Armada Fur Collection offers their clients nowadays.

Armada Fur Collection is a brand in the fur coat industry, which has already gained excellent reputation and recognition among its clients. They have more than 15 years of experience in the production of mouton fur coats, which are not only comfortable and chic, but also feature high quality. The secret of the company’s success is the team of professionals, who know their responsibilities and fulfill them in the best way possible. They always try to cater to the needs and requirements of each client, paying special attention to details. This is what they tell about the company: “We are proud to offer our clients only the best and the trendiest fur coats, which will not ruin your expectations. We have a rich variety of models, each of which is outstanding and unique. Our designers work hard to produce winter attires of high quality and this is what makes us special”.

As of today, the assortment of fur coats the company is ready to offer their clients this season, consists of more than 40 models, which represent classic and ultra-modern trends. These are mouton, mink, sable, fox, chinchilla, lynx, ice fox and karakul fur coats, which are both exquisite and elegant. The catalogue of products sold by Armada Fur Collection these days can be viewed at any time of the day, which is a nice option for busy people. Each fur coat is created by professional and experienced designers with customer’s comfort and satisfaction in mind. These attires are available at affordable cost, which does not compromise with high quality. Another feature, which makes the company reputable and known among clients is that they make it possible to place individual orders with regard to special requirements and needs of a client.

The company frequently takes part in international exhibitions and shows to stay aware of the latest trends in the fur coat industry. As a result, their models are characterized by elegance, style, fantastic appeal and unique designs, which make them so chic and luxurious. Regular customers are offered extra bonuses and loyalty programs, which are manifested in notable discounts and special prices.

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About the Сompany:

Armada Fur Collection is a reputable and well-known brand, which focuses on the production of high quality and trendy fur coats made of mouton, mink, sable, fox, chinchilla, lynx, ice fox and karakul. The company is located in the Russian town of Pyatigorsk and can boast over 15 years of experience in the business, the assortment of products they offer for sale these days is fantastic and involves more than 40 fur coat models created by talented and professional designers working for the company. Each fur coat is designed with customer’s satisfaction and ultimate comfort in mind. Individual orders are also accepted. Thus is what makes the company credible and popular with hundreds of customers.

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Address: 2 km Georgievsk High Road, Pyatigorsk, Russia
Tel.: +7 (800) 700 41 44 / +7 (968) 270 60 70
Skype: armadafurs