Crowd Sourced Solomon Fund Criticizes USDA, FDA, and EPA; Asking for Money to Test Baby Food for Roundup

The Solomon Fund just posted on crowd funding site Indiegogo to raise money to sample infant and baby food products for glyphosate. Glyphosate is a toxic chemical, the most widely used pesticide in the world, and the primary ingredient in Roundup.

The introduction video criticizes the USDA, FDA, and EPA for ingnoring risks to infants and ignoring the amount of food that is contaminated with the toxic chemical.

They are asking for money to pay for lab analysis of the samples. Platinum and gold sponsors get a chance to be recognized in the report which will be sent to every regulatory agency across the United States. There are also t-shirts and hats for other supporters.

The report may result in products being pulled from shelves if they exceed the EPA limit on glyphosate residue. It also puts federal regulatory agencies on notice that the public is concerned about glyphosate in their children's food. This is significant to the GMO industry which is dominated by glyphosate resistant crops and has the potential to expose a major risk to the public due to GMOs.