Vexia Introduces Econav Technology at CES 2014

 “The idea behind this product is the fact that you're purchasing a satellite navigation system, equipped with all the usual features such as GPS, but you're also getting their customized Econav technology built in,” said Nilo García, CEO of Crambo S. A., parent company of Vexia. “You input the details – type of vehicle, type of fuel and occupancy level – and Econav helps you save money on fuel, cuts your carbon emissions, analyzes various route options and provides an eco-related readout of the potential cost and cost savings, both to the driver and the environment.”

Econav Technology has been tested by several European Union institutions including the prestigious University of Alcalá (Madrid-Spain).  The product has also earned numerous professional accolades including European Telematics Product Innovation Green Excellence Award 2009  (Frost & Sullivan), Gold Medal 2009 (International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva), The Best Product 2009 (On OFF Magazine), the Best GPS 2009 (by Xataka).  Econav was also among the finalists of the Sustainable Energy Awards 2009 given by the European Commission.

Already a market leader through its existing line of smartphones, Zippers Phone, Zippers 4 and Zippers XL, Econav joins the Vexia lineup as a truly unique brand, the world’s first pure ecological satnav system.


For more information contact:

Sergio Hernández

Mobile: +34 687 780 799