Security is the top priority for Airwheel S8 smart sitting-posture self balancing electric scooter

Negative news about guys falling over from intelligent self-balancing scooters comes occasionally. As we all know, electric self-balancing scooters industry becomes hotter and hotter, as a result, some individual manufactures which are not qualified exploit this chance to fish in troubled waters. As a matter of fact, as the leader of this industry, Airwheel attaches great importance on the security issue and spares no efforts for it.

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Take Airwheel S8 electric walkcar as an example. Generally speaking, most of intelligent electric scooters which are similar to S8 utilize the standing riding posture. But for S8 intelligent power scooter, it is such scooter with seat, that is, people can sit to drive it. Due to the small figure, riders can step in one pedal with one foot firstly, sit down and then another pedal with another foot in position.

Siting riding posture will bring lots of benefits. For instance, the gravity of riders gets lowered; riders can have a large span of control for it. In other words, it is both safe and comfortable to ride S8 saddle-equipped self-balancing scooter

While except the sitting posture, the high-security level of S8 double-wheels electric scooter stems from the following two aspects. Firstly, the security comes from the high-quality. The imported original lithium core, brand tyres and customized shell materials are the first step for ensuring the good quality; secondly, it sets quadruple protection systems, namely rate-limiting, low-battery protection, slant protection and safety instruction; finally, S8 two wheel electric walkcar is a striking one in S series products since it has a streamlined figure. The arc shape operating rod is very like to a swan.

As a world famous manufacture, Airwheel Technology has its own understanding and responsibility to the security of products. No matter it is from the raw material purchasing to manufacture management or from the core system to the exterior design, Airwheel keeps to devote itself to lower the danger coefficient as much as possible. In the future, it will still regard security as the top priority.

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