Automotive, Car Media & Bloggers: Brite Lightning Now Available for Review

Product description: Brite Lightning is a new metal cleaning and polishing product that every auto workshop should have. It was created by a man who truly loves his cars and bikes – especially vintage ones – so he made sure his formula would really work, and the polish would last. Australian made and owned this product is bound to cause excitement in the auto industry.

Benefits/Features of the product: Brite Lightning is really versatile and can be used for hundreds of applications. It works on metal surfaces - silver, copper, nickel, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel and more. You name it, Brite Lightning will clean it! It also removes oxidization from paintwork, and corrosion and tarnish from any metal surface, which is handy for people restoring or reconditioning old cars, bikes, boats, trucks, antiques or jewellery. 

The creamy formula, containing micro-crystalline wax, makes it easy to buff on and wipe off. And the bonus is it leaves a protective film on the surface, so the brilliant shine stays sparkling for longer.

Recommended Retail Price: $12

Reviewers will be offered product only.

Available to media and bloggers in Australia only.

Available for review until 30 April 2014.

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