Astrology As a Guide to Private Development

Astrology was far more advanced as a science in ancient occasions it's right now. Now it is actually nonetheless only, inside a sense, getting rediscovered. It would as a result be sensible to look to ancient traditions as guides to present developments.

One function that stands out most clearly inside the ancient writings will be the emphasis that was placed on astrology as a guide to private improvement, as an alternative to as a mere statement of issues with no suggestion of a remedy. A further function of those writings is their emphasis on spiritual progress as the accurate objective of all human development. The usage of astrology for purely mundane purposes was viewed as a lower, if nonetheless acceptable, application of this primarily divine science.

Astrology in its highest kind was meant to assist man to reverse the indignity that was imposed upon him at his birth. As he was, at that time, the extra or significantly less helpless recipient of an impersonal combination of objective influences, so now he can and must develop his own magnetic power, that its influence on the globe about him becomes even higher than that of your powerful, but distant, planets. From getting an effect, he learns to turn out to be a bring about. Thus, the great souls of this world are able not only to guide their own destinies, but additionally substantially to impact for the better the destinies of folks who come, even by mental attunement, inside the range of their magnetic influence. It is mentioned in Guru Stotra, on the list of Indian Scriptures: "Even one moment within the company of a saint could be your raft more than the ocean of delusion."

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