How to Keep Your Friends Entertained on a Dead Evening!

Spending quality time with friends doesn’t need much thought and effort if the relationships are built on an unshakable foundation of love and trust. Friends allow for a welcome breather in today’s fast-paced busy life. An eventful evening with friends thus can fill in these fleeting moments with pure, unadulterated fun.

However, nothing can bring down an evening when friends are bored out of their wits and time comes to a standstill. To liven up those dreary spirits, break awkward silences and strike up interesting conversations, try entertaining your friends with some of the most-worked ideas given below.

1. Dance to fast music:

To get a party stated, all one needs is some great foot-tapping numbers and voila! In no time will the dead evening air lift off leaving behind buzzing excitement. Play tracks that are a favorite among all. If the party contains both male and female friends, engage in a couple-dance competition or better still, have solo performances. Furthermore, turn the volume up (not to the extent of disturbing neighbors!) and have a discotheque ready in a jiffy. Dance away your worries to a number of pop, rock, trance or jazz songs.

2. Prepare food and drinks:

Cooking is considered quite therapeutic if one excels at the art. Search up some never-before tried recipes online and get down to business. Make a quick road trip to the nearby grocery store with friends to get the necessary items. Shopping for food can also be quite thrilling before the actual excitement of cooking. Take the excitement up a notch by cracking really funny jokes with one another.  Bond over food, make a mess and laugh out loud at your creativity or lack thereof. If the efforts at preparing a delectable meal fail, order food or have a stake out at that much-loved favorite joint.

3. Play engaging games:

There are a plethora of games one can play to spend some quality time with friends. Rake up those childhood or college memories when a game of charades ended in a tummy-achingly hilarious fight or a game of twister got combined with hilarious jokes that made one fall again and again. Apart from this, classic board games are also an excellent choice at making some fake funny or solving a fictional character’s murder. All in all, whichever game one chooses to play, the time quality of time spent together should matter the most.

4. Indulge in meaningful conversations:

Sharing wonderful memories of the past is a time-tested formula for building strong and ever-lasting friendships. When all else fails, jump into a bed or a soft sofa, huddle together and strike up a random conversation and just keep talking. Think about the last time you all exchanged extremely funny jokes in the middle of a class. Talk about how a recent funny joke of the day made you laugh out loud or, how an act of kindness brought tears to the eye. One can also indulge in telling ghost stories to add a spooky feel to the night. In the end, just make sure to contribute and listen in to what others have to say.

So, friends are all one requires for spicing up an evening and enjoying a gala time. These ideas are in fact add-ons to make an otherwise dull evening more amusing. Really, one will never know what hit the evening to turn it into an event so purposeful and full of life!