Neofurn Announces New Line of Designer Furniture UK Available Online

50A Lamb Lane– April 25, 2014. Neofurn, one of the leading designer furniture UK, has issued a statement to the press announcing they have increased their product line. Aside from their popular designer lighting UK, the retailer is now offering more than 400 different products in their inventory.

To simplify the purchasing and shopping process for contemporary furniture, Neofurn organized the products into different categories so that a customer looking for seating, tables, designer lights, shelving and other furniture can just click a category and choose from the options available. Aside from offering a variety of home accessories, the retailer announced their office supplies and products are updated with new items.

As one of the leading online furniture store UK Neofurn became known for their intuitive interface, and the company says they have improved it even further. Now a prospective buyer just needs to click on the product he fancies and information about it will appear. For instance if a piece of living room furniture has been clicked, the price will be shown along with available images, the dimensions and a complete product description. Furthermore, the purchasing process has been simplified with complete instructions provided for the buyer.

Although Neofurn is known for their dining room furniture, the retailer issued a statement announcing a wide array of outdoor items and accessories. Regardless of the product purchased by a customer, there is a 100% money back guarantee so if the customer is not satisfied, there will be a full refund. In addition, Neofurn has PayPal’s Buyer’s Protection, and there is free delivery through mainland Great Britain.       

About Neofurn

Neofurn is one of the leading UK designer furniture retailers online today, offering a wide array of modern furniture ranging from lighting, seats and storage options. In addition the retailer offers a vast range of accessories including home decors, carpets, rugs, figures and sculptures. 

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