Which solvents people often used to retread the old oil painting?

China - The oil paintings will inevitably become darken in the preservation process which is the result of the oxidized of surface varnish. So far, there is not one kind of varnish which could not be oxidized. The only way for people to restore the original appearance of oil painting is clear out the old varnish layer and repaints the new layer of varnish. For cleaning the old varnish layer, there are many solvents that people could choose. Today, the painters from which is the best online seller for china canvas prints wholesale will introduce with some commonly used solvents for varnish cleaning.

The first one is the turpentine. This kind of solvent¡¯s functions for old painting is a little bit weak but is stronger for the new color layer especially after heating by hot water.

The second choice is the purified gasoline and benzene which has good solubility for the resin. Its ability is stronger than turpentine.

The third choice should be acetone and chloroform. These solvents can quickly dissolve the china canvas prints wholesale resin and oil layer. Cleaning agents which been sold by art supplies store are generally mixed several solvent. The strong solvents can be used alone. The modern paintings usually use the resin varnish which can be easily cleansed by the turpentine. Older oil painters usually use oil varnish which could be dissolved by the mixture of the turpentine and ethanol. The acetone could only be used as an additive in the cleaning process for the ancient works.

The hydrogen peroxide is another solvent for oil painting cleaning. There are many valuable white oil paints contain the lead salt. The chemical reaction of these lead salts will make the painting become dark. The applying of the hydrogen peroxide can totally help people solve this problem.

After knowing for these cleaning solvents, people should also pay more attention to the wiping methods. When it is in the wiping process for these oil paintings, people should use white cotton balls with some volume of cleaning solvents to circular wipe the oil paints from the corner of the screen. The wiping time for each part of the oil painting should be not too long. Otherwise, it would cause damage to the color layer. After the cotton is stained with yellow varnish, people should immediately replace the new one. Most of the old varnish can be cleansed at first cleaning. In the second time for cleaning, the stubborn part can be added some strong solvent.

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