Practice Makes Perfect Using ProTee Golf Simulators

Golfers' testimonies reflect the excitement surrounding the use of this state-of-the-art technology that is designed to improve your handicap quickly, while working around your busy schedule. ProTee has made it easy to play golf at home or to play golf online in real time.

Bad weather and time constraints limit the number of hours that most golfers can dedicate to the sport. ProTee Golf Simulators are so much like playing a regular game of golf that sports enthusiasts are often as surprised as they are impressed with the technology designed to simulate the best golf courses in the world. It is easy to install the Indoor Golf Simulator at home or at the office.

ProTee Golf Simulators have been applauded as the top of the line choice and the most affordable 3D indoor golf simulator being sold today. Golfers are pleased that they get to use their own clubs with this virtual golf simulator. Breathtaking course views invite golfers to step up and take a swing that will be fully analyzed by system sensors. Golfers can drive from the tee or complete fairway shots. ProTee's commitment to providing a realistic version of the sport means that golfers can also pitch, putt and take chip shots as they play.

How a Golf Simulator Works

You need a small room to set up the golf simulator. Players will stand on a swing pad with a projector screen where the golf view of the fairway or green is projected. A computer with sensors is connected to the screen and is designed to measure every angle of every swing. Unlike the human error that is to be expected when utilizing the services of a golf instructor, simulators are designed to provide accurate and conclusive data that can be used to improve a golfer's swing. A detailed analysis is provided about every swing taken. Technology designed for absolute precision is present in the software and hardware of ProTee's Simulators.

The Social Aspect of Playing on a ProTee Golf Simulator

There is no denying that part of the allure of golf is the social aspect of the game. The good news about ProTee's virtual golf simulator is that there is no reason to golf alone unless that is what you desire. Real time online play offers a way to make new friends. Many golfers schedule tournaments and share game videos with one another. ProTee customers can chat online and build teams, communicating via a private e-mail system set up for this purpose.

The Many Benefits of an Indoor Golf Simulator

One of the main complaints that golfers voice relates to the short playing season in certain parts of the world. Golf enthusiasts realize that perfecting a golf swing can only be accomplished with a certain amount of consistent practice and play. If there is snow and ice on the ground or a rainy season that makes it impossible to play, then the player's game suffers. ProTee has taken care of this challenge once and for all with online play and the virtual golf simulator. ProTee's affordable indoor golf simulator has changed the game of golf forever.

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