RS Glass Bottles Become The Most Respected Glass Bottles Manufacturers In China

Shandong Province, China (July 18, 2016) - With 10 years of successful business experience and a varied product portfolio, RS glass bottle stands as a one-stop solution provider for premium quality glass bottles in the Chinese market. Offering top quality products at wholesale price, this company enjoys the trust and reliance of its customers.

RS Glass Bottle holds its state-of-art manufacturing facility in Yuncheng, Shandong. The aim of this manufacturer is to produce comprehensive solutions to the quest that revolves around the glass bottles. The company has invested 10 million USD in developing three production lines for crystal white as well as two production lines of the completely electric powered furnace for decorating glass bottles. As such, it has the most robust framework to offer highly customized glass bottles, as per the needs of the clients. It makes the company the preferred vendors for the majority of the manufacturing companies in China, engaged in the business of manufacturing Custom Glass bottles  for liquor, fragrance, juices and other liquid products.

RUISHENG Glass Co Ltd offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that includes solutions for the various types of manufacturing and processing industries. The clientele of this company include the top manufacturers of aroma, liquor, drinks as well as food products. The company has the expertise to get its client's customized solutions in various dimensions. The glass bottle from this company is rated in very high notes for its qualitative standing and aesthetic appearance. This company offers services like frosting, gold stamping, decal, silk screen printing, sand blasting, and hot stamping, to name a few.

“We feel comfortable to deal with Ruisheng Glass Co  for its comprehensive products & services that it provides at the modest rates. The glass bottles wholesale from this company have enabled us to reduce the production overheads and hence, we can offer much competitive price of our products. We don’t have the slightest doubt to rate this party as the best Glass bottles Manufacturers in China”, stated the purchase manager of the one of the clientele company.

About RUISHENG Glass Co Ltd
RUISHENG Glass Co Ltd is one of the largest and most reputed glass bottle manufacturers in China. Please visit for more information.

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