The 2016 Annual Route 66 Classic Car, Bike, and Truck Show

If you’re a fan of classic cars and stylish wheels and tyres, as we certainly are at Old School Wheels and Tyres, you have a big weekend ahead of you. The Annual Route 66 Classic Car, Bike and Truck Show is taking place this very weekend, at the Melbourne Croatia Soccer Club grounds in Sunshine.

Harkening back to the nostalgic days of American muscle cars streaking along the famous Highway 66 stretch of asphalt, this show features some of the finest ‘big boys toys’ in all of Melbourne. Bringing together not only the members of this vaunted club, but also hot rod enthusiasts from all around the region, the show promises to demonstrate the best of Melbourne’s taste in hot rods, modified trucks, and choppers.

These machines offer you the chance to see the ways that the true experts have synced up the motif of their car with the proper wheels and tyres. There are no imitators among this group – each driver here has chosen their wheels and tyres with purpose! They reflect the time period and the styling of the car, and along with the paint work and engine modifications, makes for some truly stunning machines.

The gates at Canterbury Old School Wheels & Tyres are open at 8:30am, and entry is free for anyone under 18. Young and old enthusiasts are welcome, and the show will go on rain or shine. For a truly inspiring exhibition of the automotive craft, check out the show this weekend. You will be glad you did!


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