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Los Angeles, CA.   July 17, 2015.  Everyone has been told that the economy is on the upswing, that it’s doing better.  Does that statement apply to your own life from a financial perspective?  Are your business and personal finances enjoying real growth?  Affluent Wealth International is aware of the actual state of the economy, the part the bureaucrats and Wall Street isn’t talking about, and its mission is to educate business owners and individuals on how to separate the facts from the pumped up fiction.

Most people mistakenly think that money is power.  The truth is knowledge IS power and Affluent Wealth International is determined to share its very specialized, very unique learning process with business owners and individuals who are ready to take the next step on the road to real success.  There are always benchmarks to measure ordinary success...ways to compare how well one business is doing versus its competitors.  Affluent Wealth International takes ordinary benchmarks and creates newer, bigger, more powerful ones...literally smashing the ordinary box and allowing businesses and individuals to achieve unbridled success.  Realizing long held dreams is a frequent occurrence for those who commit themselves to the incredible system of learning offered by Affluent Wealth International.  Its process is one that is unavailable anywhere else because there are no known professionals aware of it.  It’s not taught in any educational institutions nor is it normal classroom fare.  "I bought a company and the first months I owned it, I lost money.  I thought it was me but what I learned at Affluent Wealth International showed me how I was taken advantage of.  I got back almost $800,000.  Affluent Wealth International saved me big time." Terry S., San Francisco, CA.  Thousands of already successful business people have experienced truly life-altering changes in their lives, particularly in the financial area, by following Affluent Wealth International’s proven system.

Affluent Wealth International offers a sophisticated method of educating business owners and individuals on how to improve their overall financial health in ways that beforehand may have seemed inconceivable, allowing them to establish entirely new and better lives for themselves and their families.  Affluent Wealth International doesn’t ever parrot the stories we are continually being fed by the Fed, the markets or the banks.  They speak the kind of truth that can only be found in the unspoken language of wealth taught by those at Affluent Wealth International. Classes are forming now.  Inquiries welcome.