Quality STAT FAX 3300 Chemistry Analyzer Available at Block Scientific

An established lab equipment supplier based in New York, Block Scientific is offering the STAT FAX 3300 chemistry analyzer at a competitive price. This advanced chemistry analyzer from industry leader Awareness Technology is fully featured to provide accurate results in quick turnaround time.  

The versatile piece of lab equipment is designed to improve lab efficiency and productivity. It stores control values and creating Levey-Jennings plots for QC. The analyzer comes with a large flip-up graphical display screen of 240 x 128 pixels. Its impressive features include

- Create a work list, run tests, print patient reports.
- Stores patient data
- Shows kinetic plots in real time
- Plug in standard external keyboard for easier data entry (sold separately).
- Use 40-column on-board thermal printer, external printer, or PC.
- Optical system is temperature controlled to 37C.
- Vacuum system speeds sampling and reduces carryover.
- Calibration traceable to NIST standard
- Bichromatic w/ 6 filters and spaces for 2 optional filters (340-700nm).
- Adapts to use 12 mm round tubes, 1 cm square cuvettes, or built in flow cell.
- Stat Fax readers use IAD filters.

The STAT FAX 3300 chemistry analyzer allows easier data entry when the plug in standard external keyboard (available separately) is used.

Block Scientific is a reliable lab equipment purchase partner for labs of all sizes and has special consideration for labs with budget constraints. They offer special budget friendly deals on a weekly basis. The store also offers a wide range of cost-effective recertified lab equipment that is refurbished to meet original manufacturer specifications. Reagent rental plans are available to help labs upgrade to advanced equipment without having to pay upfront.

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