Educational Lending Industry in US - March 2014

The student loan crisis continues, driven by the escalating cost of college as well as slow recovery, which is hindering graduates’ abilities to repay their loans. The government is beginning to take the problem seriously, and proposals to help solve the problem are being considered both to help students repay their loans and to make lenders more accountable for the loans they make.

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Scope and Themes

  • What you need to know
  • Data sources
  • Consumer survey data
  • Direct marketing creative
  • Abbreviations and terms
  • Abbreviations
  • Terms
  • Generations

Issues and Insights

  • How serious is the student debt crisis, anyway?
  • Issues
  • Implications
  • What can be done to lower the default rate?
  • Issues
  • Implications
  • What is the long-term impact of so much student debt?
  • Issues
  • Implications

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Trend Application

  • Inspire trend: No Degree, No Problem
  • Inspire trend: The Nouveau Poor
  • Mintel futures: Brand Intervention

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