Growth in the Global Fleet Management Systems Market Will Optimizing Operational Productivity through 2019

Reportstack has announced a new market research report on the Global Fleet Management System Market 2015-2019, which will post a CAGR of 26.23 percent from 2014-2019.

About the Report

According to the report, a rise in vehicle and fuel prices has increased fleet operating costs and affected profit margins in the logistics and cab business, which has boosted demand for high operational efficiencies in the industry.

“An industry benchmark productivity increase of about 20 percent per vehicle has been achieved by employing high-end fleet management systems,” .

The report also emphasizes the growing popularity of green fleet management solutions worldwide. Stringent regulations in western countries are aimed at lessening the impact of the business on the environment, which is affecting the overall market growth.

“Organizations have become conscious of their public image as an environmentally friendly company, which is certainly going to impact the market in the coming years,” 

Furthermore, fleet management systems are gaining popularity in the transportation of perishable goods, as these systems help monitor field resource activities. 

To access full report with TOC, please visit Global Fleet Management System Market 2015-2019

Key Information Covered in the Report:

Market segmentation, size and forecast through 2019

Market Growth Drivers:

Need to Elevate Operational Productivity
For a full detailed list, view our report.

Market Challenges:

High Set-up Cost of Fleet Management Systems
For a full detailed list, view our report.

Market Trends:

Popularity of Green Fleet Management Solutions
For a full detailed list, view our report.

Key Vendors:

Fleetmatics Group Ltd.
TeleNav Inc.
TomTom International BV
Trimble Navigation Ltd.

Other Prominent Vendors:

Blue Tree Systems
Cadec Global

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