Acne No More, Empowering People To Eradicate Acne Problems In 30 Days


The first thing that one generally looks at while meeting someone new is the persons face. It is hence quite natural for everyone to wants a clean, fresh and beautiful facial skin and complexion that appeals to one and all. A person suffering from skim problems like acne is thus bound to feel low in terms of self esteem and confidence. Most of them are on the lookout to avoid acne or perhaps a cure for such problems. Acne No More, the book comes as a handy tool for such people.

Acne No More, the book is now becomes a holistic mantra to clear and attractive skin. This book covers the topic of acne extensively like what is acne, how it occurs, how to treat acne naturally, acne home remedies, and acne scars treatment and so on and answers all queries related to effective acne cure. It not only helps the reader to understand about acne, why it happens and how to treat acne naturally but also gives a detail insight to avoid it in the best possible way.

Acne No More is a comprehensive book on the topic of Acne treatment, written by Mike Walden, a nutritionist and medical researcher, who himself states to have suffered from acne problem since teen age.  “Conventional treatment such as over-the-counter products and medicines work only on the symptoms and on a short-term basis. A long-term holistic treatment method is required for effective acne treatment”, declares Mike.

Walden claims his natural acne treatment process to be the best acne home treatment. He categorizes his treatment procedure into 5 main sections, namely

1.    Cleansing  & Flushing
2.    Nutrition, Supplementation & Candida eradication plan
3.    Detoxification diet plan
4.    Stress Control & Sleep Optimization
5.    Natural skin care (External) plan

He proclaims that “if a person suffering from acne follows these 5 procedures religiously, he or she is bound to overcome acne effectively within 30 to 60 days”. He even promises of 100 percent cash back guarantee if the result, after the two month procedure, is unsatisfactory.

Acne No More is available in the form of an e-book online now with a discounted price of just $37 only. All further information about the book and the treatment procedure are accessible in the official website,

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