How to Upgrade Your Business' Recruiting Practices

A business’ success depends on how well they can attract the best talent. In order to compete, companies can no longer rely on old recruitment methods. If your business wants to upgrade its recruiting practices, it needs to start using the latest 21st century tools that are available to it:

·         Start accepting mobile applications – In today's business environment, mobile is everything. Customers can now pay for many services and products with their smartphones and other mobile devices, or simply order something with one tap of a button. In order to compete with this fast-paced, convenient atmosphere, customers can't be the only ones who get to take advantage of the speed of mobile technology. The best candidates know there are many positions out there that are looking for their skills. If a company makes the application process difficult or confusing, those candidates will simply move on to the next offer. Candidates should be able to apply to positions from their mobile devices, using either a simple form or an easy application submission process.

·         Get social online – The best recruiting efforts begin before a prospective employee is even offered to chance to apply for a position. Great recruiters start building connections with the most talented prospects as early as possible, because candidates are more likely to listen to a recruiter that they already trust. Your company's recruitment personnel should be actively seeking out candidates on social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, making contact with them to build an existing relationship before the pitch for an open position is even made.

·         Don't be held back by geography – In the past, businesses had to spend time finding candidates who were within their geographical location or who were willing and able to relocate. Thanks to technologies like remote workstations, online portals, and mobile workforces, this is no longer the concern it used to be. Recruiters shouldn't limit themselves to looking for candidates within a certain geographical location. Doing so not only puts unnecessary restrictions on the pool of candidates they are pulling from, it also turns away the best candidates. The best workers know their skills are valuable, and when businesses don't offer them the chance to work in a way that is convenient to them, it's a sign that those companies don't put enough value on their work. Taking advantage of remote workforce technology not only increases the range of skilled workers that can be chosen from, it also gives candidates a sign that the company values them before they even start working there.

·         Use 21st century marketing – There are many ways to reach prospective employees beyond just taking out classified ads and making in-person contacts. Internet marketing such as recruitment videos, social media ads, and other content marketing aren't just a good way to build brand awareness with your customer base; they can also be used to make skilled candidates aware of and interested in your company.

·         Don't forget the recruitment software – The best recruiters don't just do their job thoroughly, they also do it quickly. Recruiting software helps recruiters organize their information, manage appointments and contacts, and get their work done faster.

By following these steps, your company won't have to wait for the best talent to come knocking at the door, and can instead find and recruit them ahead of the competition.


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