MAC & Wranglers With Maj. Gen. Harencak

Wednesday, July 27th- The Wyoming Wranglers and MAC had the pleasure of hearing Major General Harencak Commander, Air Force Recruiting Service, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas. Through critical conversation and some great laughs, we were engulfed within the General's world of recruiting. Everything voiced pointed to the same message--as a community we must support our military! 

Now, as advocates for our Air Force Base, we have probably heard this message a hundred times over. However, quite a few interesting facts were made within the presentation that make clear that new measures are in order. For instance, did you know that in present day, 52% of parents do NOT encourage military service career opportunities to their children? This number increases to 70% with college educated parents. This is much different than past generations, where in 1964, 91% of families had at least one influencer-- or a person of whom can educate and encourage military opportunities. By 1995, this was reduced to 40%. Today, we have only 14% of family households with influencers encouraging and informing others of the opportunities within military careers, and what they can gain from serving their country.

The decrease is staggering! Our youth is the future of our nation's protection, yet in the United States 19,000 high schools refuse to grant recruiters access to do their job within their facilities. As a community, our reputation with regard to our military is strong and proud. When people think of base support in Cheyenne, they picture the best of the best--because that's just what we do! We are proud to say that Cheyenne allows and encourages all recruiters to do their job and grant opportunities to any willing to serve their country. 

Major General Harencak opened a lot of eyes today at what the future holds for for both our nation and our community. We are blessed to have the support and encouragement of our partners in all military matters. However, it is up to us to push forward and continue this support, as the statistics previously described are threatening to our country, city, and ultimately our nation's security.

Big thanks to our Military Affairs Committee members and our Wrangler for always supporting our military. Your advocacy makes a difference!

And much thanks to Major General Harencak for his time and valuable knowledge. We hope to have him back soon!

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