Flight Management Systems Market

The report deals with Flight Management System Market which mainly aims at integrating navigation, flight parameters and navigation to get a systematic and consolidated auto flight control which maximizes the aircraft efficiency. Flight Safety is the major concern of all the aircraft operators as well as the airlines which demands the improvisation in Flight management system technology every year resulting in the growth of this segment.

Market Segmentation of Flight Management System is done on the basis of geography and aircraft type. The market is segmented on the basis of aircraft type. The segmentation is done on the basis of Flight Management System for Very Large Aircrafts, Wide Body Aircrafts, Narrow Body Aircrafts and Regional Transport Aircrafts

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The study on Flight Management System is done on a global basis taking into consideration all the major geographic regions. The geographic split includes US, Europe, China, Canada, Brazil and Russia.

The study also focuses on segmentation of the market by aircraft types. Primary interviews have been conducted with major industry participants to get insights about this industry. The major industry players include Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, Thales, Jeppesen, Esterline, UASC, GE and Lufthansa Systems.