Guide for Effective Humidity Control with Interior Foliage

Interior foliage can help with humidity control. This is important especially when considering the problems dry air can cause to persons with respiratory problems. However, not every plant you bring home will be efficient enough in humidity control. This is why you need to do some research to identify the best plants for your target use.


During the fall and winter, homes that have a central heating are usually dry. The case is the same during summer in homes whose air conditioner runs a lot. To solve the humidity problem, people invest in humidifiers. This is considered to be the simplest and yet the most obvious answer. The downside is that humidifiers can breakdown and they also add to your monthly energy bills. For a cost effective and virtually fail proof solution, what you need is houseplant.


Choose the right plant

Plants release over 90% of the water they take in. This water is released into the air thereby helping with the control of humidity. If you are looking for the most effective plants in humidity control, consider those that have broad leaves. They give out more water which effectively helps with humidity control.


The best thing about ordering wholesale interior foliage from a reputable nursery is that you will get advice on the best plant to suit your needs. Do not simply pick a plant because looks beautiful. Pick one that will not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or office but also one that will help with humidity control. Dracaena is a great plant you can consider for both.


Group the houseplants

If you want to use office foliage to help control humidity, you will need more than one plant. There is only so much that a single plant can do in releasing enough moisture to control the humidity in the room. If the air is too dry, you should consider buying more than one houseplant. The more the number of plants you have in your office or home the more humidity they will release.


Keep it watered

As aforementioned, interior foliage help with humidity control by releasing most of the water they take in into the surrounding air. This means that if your plants are not watered sufficiently, they will not control humidity effectively. This means you have to water your plant accordingly. Follow the given guidelines on watering your type of plant.


Keep them healthy

The health of your plant will also matter when it comes to humidity control. A drying plant will not be effective in releasing humidity into the air. Keep an eye out for brown or yellowing leaves. That means your plant is suffering. Poor watering habits are the main cause of brown tips on the leaves. Water you plant properly by flushing it until the water runs freely out the drainage holes. Some plants, especially those native to jungle conditions, will need to be misted or showered from time to time. You may also need to check for pest infestations.


A healthy plant will help with humidity control and offer a range of other benefits. Always ensure you take proper care of your office foliage