Engineer from Different stages of the development of wireless calling system

China – WITOP wireless has specialized in manufacturing and supplying the wireless calling system for more than 7 years. During recent years, with the popularity of the wireless calling products such as hospital pager, their business has been improved enormously.

The engineer from WITOP wireless said:¡± The so called wireless calling system from our company is developed on the basis of the traditional wired calling system. Wired calling system and pager is very commonly in people¡¯s daily life. People could find many instances for this system such as hospital beds pagers, elevator button for assistance and public places emergency alarm button.¡± This kind of wired calling system has simple structure and effective operation. However, the wired calling system requires the high quality establishing of wiring network which will be very expensive and complicated so that the wired calling system cannot be widely applied around people¡¯s normal life. That is why the emerging of wireless pagers and system could be greatly welcomed by most of small businesses owner. On the other hand It is also the big reason for the great development of WITOP wireless which website is

Based on the information provided by the engineer from WITOP wireless, the Wireless calling system can be roughly divided into three stages from technology and applications.

The first stage of this calling system should be the AM technology that should be the restaurant pager core part of the first generation of wireless pager and system. The first generation of wireless calling system was mainly used in the places such as venue and other smaller spaces.

The core technology of the second stage for wireless calling system should be the of FM technology which is the core of the second-generation wireless pager system. In this stage, the products such as restaurant pager own the stable signal which could be suitable for large-scale networking. Total application industries could be arranged from restaurants, coffee shops, large-scale entertainment, hotels, factories, supermarkets, schools and banking. This stage should be the fastest growing period of time for the wireless pager application.

After the introduction for first and second stage of the wireless calling system, the engineer from wants tell people the third stage calling system which uses the intelligent frequency hopping technology. The combination of with full text display, the voice broadcast system and wireless calling system to achieve the changing from fixed wireless pager to professional and customized service. This changing has already becoming the mainstream trend of the wireless calling system.

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