2015 Ford F150 Upgrades

Of the many customers that visit their Indianapolis Ford dealers daily, a certain portion are devoted to a single vehicle. The Ford F150 has a loyal following, inspiring those who rely on their trucks for their work or simply as their favorite means of transportation. Even though many fans of the midsize truck would be happy with things just the way they are, the 2015 is going to be a completely new design. Most distinctive of all the changes is the new aluminum alloy body over a high-strength steel frame, reducing the weight of the truck by approximately 700 pounds.

Less dramatic, but meaningful nonetheless, are the bigger, broader grill and more angular and distinctive headlamps. The new features are similar to the Atlas concept that appeared early in 2013. Some differences include the focus on the chrome-work in the center of the front bumper, as opposed to making it bumper-wide.

Features that give the 2015 F150 a more modern appearance include LED headlamps, LED spotlights along the side mirrors, and daylight running lights with a distinctive style. Another addition is Ford’s vista roof, with glass that opens in the front while it remains fixed at the back. Seats that are heated and cooled add a touch of luxury, while drivers have the option to switch rear outside seatbelts for inflating ones that expand during an accident, for enhanced safety.

The changes you will find on the 2015 F150 at the Ford dealerships in Indianapolis are also apparent to the interior. The Productivity Screen is Ford’s 8-inch touchscreen that dominates the dash. The features of the Productivity Screen are customizable with the accessories you use. It also serves with a number of luxury features not typically seen in a truck, such as the 360-degree camera system that brings together live footage feed from four separate cameras that aid you when parking. What’s more, self-parking, which allows the truck to parallel-park itself is an option on this model.

Additional safety features include:

  • Lane Departure Warnings
  • Front Radar (automatically pre-engages brakes when a potential collision exists)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (adjusts speed according to the traffic around the truck)

Fans of the F150 will want to check out the power tailgate , when it shows up at their Ford dealers in Indianapolis, and see how much easier loading cargo can be. Just hit a button on the key fob, and the tailgate drops down. Once opened, the tailgate can be pulled out and used in step mode, but it stays out of sight when not in use. In addition, numerous cleats and tie-downs allow you to organize the load in the truck bed, while cargo ramps are available for order that offer storage space of more items.

For fans who stayed true to the Ford F150 in spite of its simplicity, the 2015 model brings an entirely new driving experience to the table. The newest model of the F150 is the most radical redesign ever presented. It is impressive in looks, technology, and safety.

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