The perfect anarkali suit for your shape

Indian ethnic wear is arguably one of the most enchanting of all cultural clothing – to demonstrate this we need look no further than the wardrobe staple that is the anarkali suit. An essential for any Indian lady’s collections, this piece can incorporate the glittering and the grand – the bright and the bold – and of course the understated and the elegant. Given the sheer range of styles, fabrics, embellishments and colour combinations, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed with options – and so with this in mind we’ve created the ultimate guide for finding your perfect anarkali suit for your shape, drawing upon key pieces in our salwar kameez collections.

Your shape and the perfect anarkali suit

Pear Shape – Wider thighs and hips in comparison to waist and shoulders

We begin by looking at anarkali suits perfect for pear shaped women (which is a relevant place to begin, given that 70% of females in India have a pear shaped frame).

For these women, A-line anarkalis that have flare, are of floor length, or that feature a light colour on the upper sections, and a dark colour on the bottom, are perfect.

Other tips for a pear shape include v-shaped necklines, detailing and embellishments around the neck.

Rectangle Shape – Straight or athletic shaping - waist is slightly smaller than the hips

Ladies who are rectangular shaped suit many differing anarkali suits, including short, long, jacket and layered.

Hourglass Shape – Narrow waist, whilst the hips and shoulders are the same size

Women who have an hourglass shape, have a shape that lends itself to anarkali suits which feature both high and v-shaped necklines – and are also suited to empire cuts as well as waistline suits.

Anarkali suits with heavy fabric and many layers should be avoided.

Apple Shape – Downwards triangle - broad shoulders, a rounded middle and narrow hips. Anarkali suit styles for this shape include A-line and empire, and suits that feature v-necklines and embellished or colourful, wide hems – a dupatta and salwar kameez is also complementary for this shape.

High necklines should be avoided.