Local Non-profit Organization Hits Milestone

A local AmeriCorps program focusing on youth development is now in its 20th year of service. The Paterson Community School Corps, PCSC, looks back on the success of the program. The program hosted by New Jersey Community Development Corporation, NJCDC, is the organization’s first establishing program back in 1994.

The AmeriCorps program is an initiative formulated under the National Service Initiative under President Clinton’s administration. Since the creation of the initiative, millions of American dedicated their time to service the environment, empower the youth through education initiatives, strengthen communities through residential programs, etc. This education- based program is located in two Paterson Public Schools and one charter school founded by the NJCDC.

“The Paterson Community School Corps is an interactive program that seeks to address some of the issues within the Paterson community,” says current PCSC service member Kwame Gilbert. “Through unique educational initiatives, the Paterson Community School Corps provides a positive service to Paterson.”

While in the midst of their 20th class of individuals whom want to continue to provide a positive service to Paterson, program directors Nicole Sweeney and Marquise Guzman plan to create a class reunion with the previous members of the PCSC program. “This is a chance for all of us to look back on the changes this program has gone through, and celebrate the legacy that is PCSC,” says Sweeney.