SQLstream and MindStream Analytics to Host Streaming Analytics for Big Data Webinar

From Analytics to Streaming Analytics - Understand the Why, When and How

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 17, 2014 – SQLstream, Inc., the Big Data Stream Processing Company, today announced that it will co-host a webinar with MindStream Analytics, a U.S. leader in Business Intelligence services. Participants will gain insights into the value of machine Big Data streams, and how to analyze and act on the information in real-time.

From Analytics to Streaming Analytics- Understand the Why, When and How is scheduled for Thursday, July 17 2014 at 9AM PST and is open to registrants from all geographies.

Ronnie Beggs, VP of SQLstream and Robert Dayton, EVP of Mindstream Analytics will explore the benefits, approaches and value of low-latency streaming analytics from machine data, exploring how businesses can exploit stream processing to make decisions in real-time that directly impact the bottom line - enhancing the consumer experience, maximizing revenue and reducing operational costs.

With Big Data storage technologies such as Hadoop unable to drive low-latency, real-time actions directly, and with businesses in need of critical operational intelligence in real time, Ronnie and Robert will investigate how streaming analytics can be delivered as a complement to of existing Big Data storage platforms and enterprise systems.

For the participant, the webinar will address questions such as:

·       Why do I need streaming analytics and what can it do for me?

·       How do I understand and justify the ROI for introducing streaming analytics in my organization?

·       I’ve invested a lot in my existing BI systems, how can I optimize that investment and still deploy streaming analytics?

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SQLstream’s Stream Processors automate business processes using real-time analytics from unstructured sensor, log, and other machine-generated Big Data streams. SQLstream’s core stream processing engine, SQLstream s-Server, is a distributed, streaming SQL platform for real-time operational intelligence applications.  SQLstream offers a full range of machine data integration agents plus integration with Hadoop and other enterprise data management platforms. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, CA.


MindStream Analytics is a leading consulting firm focused on helping clients improve business understanding and decision making. With years of experience in the Business Intelligence and Performance Management arena, MindStream can help businesses face the challenges of Big Data through streaming analytics, mobile strategy, and next generation tools.  MindStream's services range from software selection to full implementation services.

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Ronnie Beggs, VP Marketing
Phone: +1 415 758 8342