Negociating SEO pricing

From a buyer's point of view, it is easier to negotiate and obtain a lower price, than from a seller's perspective, because in the act of sale and purchase, the seller wants the transaction completed much more than his potential buyer. The buyer can always go to another seller and buy his products or services.


But to be able to negotiate properly, first you need to know what you want from the seller. If we take search engine optimization, you have to know very well what you are looking for, to avoid being tricked by a very good salesman. Still, be ready to accept suggestions and also to act accordingly, if the salesman proves to be honest and genuine.


Remember, negotiation offers advantages to both parties and you should not be afraid to require more services for a certain amount of money, a certain SEO package for a lower SEO pricing or search engine optimization pricing than the one requested by the seller, or a longer period of consultations for an affordable price.


To make sure you would succeed in your quest, you have to be ready to make some changes in your actions. As an example, if your interlocutor agrees to provide you with more SEO services for a fixed amount of money, commission him for more than just the time period established at first.


Also, if you get a SEO package for a lower price than the one initially requested by the seller, promise the seller you would contact him again for another project, and be certain to keep your promise. You have to make yourself pleasant during a negotiation, to let the other one understand you are a sociable person, good to work with.


If you find an identical SEO package sold for $100 less, tell your interlocutor about this offer. The fear of losing a customer could make him sell you that package for $100 less, too, or give you more services for the initial amount of money requested by him.


During a negotiation, words are not the only ones that matter; your body language expresses emotions, as well, and you have to learn how to transmit a certain signal, to force your interlocutor to speak. This comes natural to some negotiators, while others have to learn to use body language to their advantage during negociation classes.


If the negotiation does not end how you would like to, and you do not get the SEO pricing or search engine optimization pricing that you would have wanted, do not be afraid to walk away. Just like in the case of mentioning another seller willing to offer identical services for a lower price, your interlocutor would be forced to give you the price you want.


If he does not do that, try another negotiation technique, which is to offer the seller an up-front payment. Nothing is better than having real money in your hand, and both you and the seller should know that. Use this to your advantage, hoping the price will go down.


When nothing works, it means you deal with a person who either does not like negotiation, or is not willing to give you anything "for free", not even when you clearly show signs of high interest in his services and skills. In this situation, simply walk away and do not turn around.

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